“There is somewhere for the community to go”

06 Jul 2016

Well the real benefit, in terms of just the benefit for the community, is somewhere to go. Somewhere to go especially with the climate and the conditions that are up here and the demographic is quite heavily weighted to young families. Somewhere for them to go, to socialise, to be part of the community in a comfortable air-conditioned environment is what they need.

Now [there is] some additional lit space and some purpose built areas. In terms of the oval, yeah the usage has gone up because the groups previously were, for want of a better word, ‘clashing’ to use the one bit of lit space that was there.

With the park...what it was like before was... I lived here for 12 years when I was younger and I saw it just as it was closed off for the construction when I returned. It was very run down, very tired looking, very old. I'd say there were some dangerous elements around there, especially around the creek beds and that drainage pipe that came through, that was the creek.

Where it's at now is, I think it's a nice park. There are some really nice spaces, shady spaces for parents to go in and sit down and have a barbecue with other families. I think it's a safe environment for the kids to play in. There's small play equipment scattered throughout there for the kids to explore and learn. That's really on that [design style] side of playing as well. It's not jumping on a plastic bit of equipment, it's actually exploring through the park and jumping on different things and logs and digging and all that sort of stuff.

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