“We’ve never had that kind of positive influence”

06 Jul 2016

Because I've been at home the last five years and involved in playgroup... I've kind of been back on the other side of the fence. In playgroup, there was lots of talk from new Mums and other people always asking the question, “Do you know what's going on there?” We saw a sign or we saw a bulldozer, "What’s going on?” It was just that curiosity, which we haven't really had before. The reason why I think it is important is because, in the past, nothing has happened for such a long time. There was always talk, even the work that I'm doing now in my own job, everyone is so, so sceptical. It's just scepticism... Nothing will ever happen... Just the simple fact of having that sign up... We've never had that kind of positive influence before.

For me personally, [the Project] is absolutely fantastic. Having hung around for so long, I think that's a personal achievement too. I have been in town for such a long time. To see a lot come into fruition, it's just really satisfying because I know that I've been involved in the blood, sweat and tears…

A significant change [for me]...is probably the fact that the government is now looking at and recognising that we need to play this ‘catch-up’ [up here]. That we need to do some work in our towns and that we have been struggling, so the voices and everything that we've been whinging about for the last fifteen or twenty years is actually valid.

It is that sense that we're finally being heard and it's obviously being supported with the things like the construction of The Youth Shed and the Park. That a playground is important to our community because we have such a beautiful, diverse community and our weather is awesome. Something like [the] Park means a lot to us as a local community, so investing in that is important.

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