Keeping tradesmen in the Pilbara

over 2 years ago
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Through Royalties for Regions (RfR) funded housing, businesses in the Pilbara can attract and retain tradesmen. Competition from larger companies and difficulty sourcing local staff are key factors influencing the viability of business, with local companies believing they “haven’t got a hope in hell” without things like subsidised housing.

Facing economic downturns, local businesses are finding it challenging to attract staff. With local employers claiming, “If we couldn’t offer housing they would probably go home, younger people wouldn’t stay here. To lose apprentices out of the system, then you need to use tradespeople to do the job, which means you’re paying $1500 a week to do something an apprentice would usually do, and that’s bad for business.”

RfR funded housing has provided local businesses with the opportunity to retain staff in the longer term, stating that the “long term is much more important at the moment.”

Housing has also show-cased the region; providing staff with the opportunity to create relationships in the community, with work colleagues and in local sporting teams.